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    — Gathering

  • Community Brunch
    — Factory Tøyen


Elementa Housewarming — Cracking gastronomy

Elementa Housewarming
— Cracking gastronomy

On a warm Thursday evening in May, Prindseloftet coworking space was finally ready for a well-deserved housewarming out of the...
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From Alsace to Nara — My Hungry Curiosity

From Alsace to Nara
— My Hungry Curiosity

Intrigued by food habits, I’ve always looked for links between people around the world and I admire how food connects...
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The Art — of Belonging

The Art
— of Belonging

Why is community important and why do humans seek it? What are we actually searching for in the meeting and...
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Upcoming events


Community Brunch

The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction. A person cooking is a person giving: Even the simplest food is a gift.

We want to invite you to a “Community Brunch” on the last Thursday of the month. Intended as a low-threshold meeting place where you can come alone, with a colleague, customer, or an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time.
Quote by: Laurie Colwin

Past events

Past events

Spring Get Away
— Drangedal

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Past events

Being Well
— In Nature

Past events

From Seed to Serving
— The last supper


One Day Wilderness

Reconnect with nature and get to know your colleagues in a different way. Get new ideas and do some strategy work with nature as your scenery. We follow the four seasons, making local organic food and facilitate an experience in nature.

Weekend Courses

We invite for courses on regenerative practices in our farm in Drangedal Telemark. This year we will restore timber logs in the eldhouse, build a sauna and start a process of building. small cabins from our own wood. We invite you to take part in this process.

Food Workshops

We invite ourselves to your kitchen and will be based on your leftover and resources create a meal together. It can be in your cantina at work, in a home kitchen or a simple tea kitchen. We adjust and play with what you have.


Virgernes – Community Shared Agriculture

Community table – Hoddevika

Get Away – Sandspollen

#Gullmåltid — The organic week of Oslo

Rebuilding Relation — With the Grain

Bøgedal — An Artisan Tradition

— Our Philosophy

Food Studio is about sharing stories of people that believe in
good and honest food.

With good and honest food we mean food that both tastes good,
has a positive impact on our health, food that’s responsibly produced,
food that’s a result of plants and animals being treated well, and food that inspires us!

— Cecilie Dawes, Founder Food Studio

Regenerative Sustainability

Since we have used more resources than we have for a long time, (ref. planetary boundaries) Sustainability is no longer enough. We also must regenerate and rebuild healthy, resilient, and adaptable systems for the future.

Resource Empathy

We strive to connect people to the essense of all the resources we deal within our everyday life from food, our belongings, our time and our surroundings, in the end leading us back to nature.

Transparent Communication

If we all strive to live and work with greater honesty and dare to put our needs on the table, we can create positive synergies where everyone wins. This is a contrast to todays. society where we often compromise and play a role that doesn’t feel authentic. Whether you are a human or business, you should use your resources to cultivate your values. The stories you tell the world should be the honest stories of this continuous process.


Cecilie Dawes

Fields of expertise: food empathy, sustainable development, resource economy, slow entrepreneurship

For almost 20 years, Cecilie Dawes has been working towards a more sustainable food system through powerful tools such as visual communication, service design and the development of alliances. The continous cross-pollination of ideas and practices, both outside and within her own entrepreneurial projects, has made her a central force in Oslo’s food scene, contributing to local development and Oslo’s appearance on the globe.

In 2011 Cecilie quit her job as innovation manager in Deli de Luca (Norgesgruppen), to start Food Studio, which today has grown to become an international network with over 20 countries, and a strong community of trail blazors who wish to redefine the meaning and concept of sustainable living.